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Annandale Store

Annandale Store - Main St. c. 1908

B.S. Fritts Store - Main St.

VanBilliard Store

Image courtesy of Jenn Apgar Manns collection

Ad from 1914 Farm and Business Directory

Opened in 1854 and sold sundries and groceries until it closed in 1959. Today it is apartments.

1910 Clerk Photo at Annandale Store on Main St.

Photo reprinted from Bygone Days in the Hunterdon County Democrat March 11, 2004

Howard Biggs (a former Center St. resident)  later served as a juror on the Lindbergh trial.

Young and Finley General Store?

Carhart Store - Beaver Ave.

Lance's General Store

Lance's Selfservice Market

Howard P. Lance Store - General Merchandise - Beaver Ave. c. 1920

Modern version of the general store, in Annandale.  Symbolic of rural nature of Hunterdon.

Link - Google Map Street View

Jacob Fox Store

J.F. Fox's Store - Stoves, Hardware, Ag. Implements & General Merchandising, J.F. Fox, Proprietor

Opened 1886, Sold to Simon Seals in 1903

Historical Assessment May 2016

Link - Google Map Street View

S.A. Seals

Signed by S.A. Seals 1908

Back of above Mailing Card

The Buckwalter Line S.A. Seals, Annandale

Buckwalter's Plain & Enameled Ranges S.A. Seals, Annandale, N.J.

24x9 inch advertisement

"Lehigh" Stoves S.A. Seals, Annandale

Simon A. Seals Store - opened 1903, run by Simon until his death in 1936, Harry Seals (son) took over until 1960.

Ad from 1914 Farm and Business Directory

Lindy's Restaurant and Service

This is now Miller's on Beaver Ave.