Annandale, New Jersey History

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Influential People in Annandale's History

Alphabetical order by last name.

Apgar, J.N. - General Merchandising from 1886 map

R.L. - Prof. of Music & Dealer in Musical Instruments

James T. - Blacksmithing & Mill Pick Dressing from 1886 map

W.E. -  Physician from 1886 map

Boeman, Nicholas N. - Built the hotel c. 1852 by Nicholas N. Boeman, a tavern keeper from Whitehouse.  He scurried to the area and got the first building lot.

Bowers, J.F. - Butcher from 1886 map

Josiah - second village postmaster after Theodore Risler and succeeded by John Lair.

Colvin Bros. - Lime Manufacturers from 1886 map

Cregar, John H. - Land owner

Creveling, Geo. V. - Sash and Blind factory

Frech, George M. - Station Agent

Fox, J.F.
Stoves, Hardware, Ag. Implements & General Merchandising, Proprietor

Hendershot, Asa. -  Mason from 1886 map

Hoffman, D.E. - Sash and Blind factory

Huffman, Jane - Land owner

Hulsizer, J.S. - postmaster from 1886 map

Hummer Bros. - Carriage and Wagon Manufacturers

Johnston, John T. - President of the Central Railroad suggested the present name, Annandale, upon being requested to rechristen the place. The presumption seems to be that he called it after a town in his own native Scotland

Jones, Thomas - 
An ardent Patriot, Jones became a captain in the Hunterdon Militia during the Revolutionary War and used his tavern as a recruiting station. Capt. Jones helped Daniel Bray of Amwell acquire boats for Gen. Washington's Army to cross the Delaware.

Kenna, James - Railway employee

Kinney, Thomas - Railway employee

Knight, William - Resident Physician practiced from 1872-1878

Lair, John - Third village postmaster after Theodore Risler and Josiah Cole.

Miller, J.H. - Station Agent

Morrison, William - Boeman's Tavern was taken over by William Morrison around 1886 and was renamed Annandale House which soon evolved into the Annandale Hotel.

Prugh. P.D. - Flour, Grain & Feed from 1886 map

Theodore H. - first village postmaster and was succeeded in turn by Josiah Cole and John Lair

Whitfield - DO from 1886 map

Young, B.E. - Sash and Blind factory owner

Young, Jacob - Merchant

Young, Peter - Farmer
Wert, John C. -

WigginsM.J. - Carpenter & Builder