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School 1905

School 1905 (Back)

Annandale School Building 1907

Published by S.A. Seals

Public School Building c.1910

Published by S.J. Carhart

c. 1910 (Coss Collection)

Little Red Schoolhouse Currently used as a preschool.

Public School 1940s

Former Josephine Mitchell School currently used as a preschool.

North Hunterdon Regional High School 1951

North Hunterdon Regional High School


TOWNSHIP SCHOOLS excerpt from History of Hunterdon and Somerset Counties, New Jersey, with illustrations and biographical sketches of it's prominent men and pioneers (1881). (Cornell University Library)

The school districts in Clinton township are numbered 54, 55, 56, 57, and 58, and named respectively Annandale, Bray's Hill, Lebanon, Bound Valley, and Hamden. Mr. John S. Cramer recollects attending school in the Annandale District as early as 1803, in a log school-house that stood near Peter H. Huffman's. The teacher was Sallie Price, and among the scholars were John Aller, John and Peter Huffman, and Ann Huffman. A second log school-house was built pretty soon after that, just north of the present Stout place, and to that school went John S. Cramer, John Grandin, Mary and Sallie Fox, Ann and Betsey Cregar, William Hunt, Ishe Hunt, and Philip Grandin. Of course there were other scholars, but their names cannot be recalled. There had to be twenty- five scholars to make a school, and some of them had to come a long way. The teacher in that second log school-house was William Thatcher. Not many of the pupils are left. Thatcher was also a teacher in the red school-house, near the Stout place, and third in the list of remembered school-buildings. The second teacher in the red school-house (next following Thatcher) was Charles Q. Phillips. The fourth schoolhouse was built in 1836, and occupied a site about opposite the Dutch Reformed church. The building now occupied by the district school in Annandale was erected in 1865 for a public hall, and since 1869 has been the property of the district. It is a three-story frame structure, with seating capacity for about 250, although the average attendance does not reach beyond 100. E. C. Harvey is the principal, and Maggie Eockhill the assistant. The trustees are William A. Young, George Creveling, and J. H. Miller.