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Annandale Baseball Team 1906

Prior to 1907 the name of Hampton was Junction a reference to CRR & Dl&W junction. The picture above is below the RR and shows the roof of the depot.

Annandale Baseball Team 1906

Annandale Baseball Team 1907

Annandale Baseball Team 1907 back

Annandale Baseball Team 1909

Multi-view cyanotype 1906

Playing croquet at home

100th Anniversary of Annandale from February 1953 Popular Science Magazine

NJ Cooperative Breeders Association

This facility was located at the wedge of property between Old Allerton Road and Rt. 31.  Note the Adam Runkle Homestead in the background between the barns.

Later this property was used by Polt Bus Service with the letters "PBS" on the cupola.

Gobel Farm

Gobel Farmers

The large home is the building to the right of the view.

Gobel home and man-made ponds.

There are no buildings left from this farm. The farm was quite huge in it's day and included about twenty different buildings. The entrance to this property (now owned by Exxon) is right off of Route 31 as you exit to the right for the town of Annandale. You can still see the large stone columns and the iron gate. The path is tree-lined and leads to several foundations. Some of the foundations of the buildings still exist, including the original man made ponds and swimming pool. The tile floor to the original home still exists as well (under several inches of dirt).

Knights of the Golden Eagle (K.G.E) Annandale, Castle No. 43

Cora Burd 1906

Mary Headley 1860

1907 View

1930s Mack