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High Bridge

High Bridge Depot 1907





Hand Colored 1913


Hand Colored 1915

5" x 6 1/4" wood engraved view "NEW JERSEY VIADUCT, HIGH BRIDGE, CENTRAL RAILROAD" from GLEASON'S PICTORIAL illustrated journal, dated October 28, 1854.

The High Bridge on the Central Railroad of New Jersey, a view of which we give on this page, is one thousand two hundred and eighty feet long, elevated one hundred and five feet above the water in the south branch of the Raritan River. The structure is on Pratt's plan, resting on the abutment, and seven piers of the best of granite stone masonry.  It is located in Hunterdon county, about one miles and a half west of the Clinton station.


Wreck 1906

Big Bend in CRR NJ, High Bridge c.1900

Thomas St. Bridge 1908

Arches 1905

Arches 1914 Published by L.S. Perry



Reformed Church

Interior St. Joseph's Church

M.E. Church



Main St.

Cramer's Hotel, Main St.

Union Hotel 1918

Main St. 1905

East Main St. 1908

Main St. looking West 1912

Rialto Hall 1906

Main St. 1940s

Main St. 1950s

Centre St. 1907

Church Street 1907

Church St. 1912

Church Street 1915

Parks and Lakes

Lake Solitude

Lake Solitude

Lake Solitude Boat House 1908


Riverside Grove Picnic 1907

Riverside Grove

Riverside Grove close up

Beaver Brook 1908


Central Lake

Foundry Bridge

Taylor's Dam 1910

River Road along Lake Solitude 1920s

Lake Solitude Dam 1924



High School 1905

High School 1905

High School 1908

High School 1909

Postmarked Sep. 2, 1911


Taylor Iron

Taylor Iron Main Office 1880s

Taylor Iron Main Office 1880s

The 28.3 acre TISCO Complex was once part of a 10,000 acre parcel of land owned by wealthy Philadelphia investors William Allen and Joseph Turner who founded the Union Iron Works here in 1742. The Iron Works produced farm implements, tools and cannon balls for Washington's Army during Colonial times. In the recent past, this property and structures were once part of the Taylor Wharton Iron and Steel Company, which is the nation's oldest continuously operating foundry in the country, and America's second oldest business.

The TISCO Office building dates to around 1725, and pre-dates the incorporation of the Union Iron Works. The structure had always housed the general office of the steel companies and contained the offices of the presidents William and Allen in 1742 through George R. Hanks in 1972. The original form was expanded in both the 19th and 20th centuries.  With the closing of Taylor Wharton in 1972, the structure remained intact but vacant for decades. In 2007, the Union Forge Heritage Association launched a public awareness campaign to save the historic structure and the start of restoration efforts. In 2007 it was placed on Preservation NJ's top 10 list of endangered sites, and is a state and nationally recognized historic structure.

circa 1907


circa 1930




Oct. 17, 1906

Taylor Iron Machine Shop

Camp Taylor YMCA Reveille

October 1917

Example of bent rail.  Not High Bridge


Workers at the now defunct Taylor-Wharton iron foundry in High Bridge assemble parts for the war effort in 1944. Photo dated 1944. Far right Bernard Thomas.








Raritan Graphite Mill 1907