Annandale, New Jersey History

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C.T. Smith's Creamery - from 1892 and 1897 Sanborn Map

Borden's Condensed Milk Co. - from 1903 Sanborn Map

Annandale Milk & Cream Co. - from 1912 Sanborn Map

F.G. Sharp's Annandale Creamery - from 1921 Sanborn Map

Hunterdon Hills Milk & Cream Co. (Annandale Dairy Farms) - from 1945 Phone Directory


TREQ Milk Bottle - Annandale Creamery 1944

Annandale Creamery

Annandale Creamery Annandale, N.J.  is embossed into the side of this can with "MENS" stamped into the top lid of the can.

The handles are stamped Atlantic and the number 0   58  is on the back of the can.

The can measures 25" tall and 13" across  and weights approx. 30 pounds.

Dairy Box 18 1/4" long, 11 1/4" wide, 10 3/4" high

Allerton Dairy

Hunterdon Hills Dairy

Hunterdon Hills Dairy

Cottage Cheese container from Hunterdon Hills Dairy. Measuring 4" high with a 3" diameter and coated in wax.

Annandale Dairy Farms Cover

Annandale Dairy Farms Insert