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1856 Clinton Station Map

This tiny map fragment  size is 2 1/8” x 3 ¾”.
The map has original linen on back, it was irregularly trimmed from a larger roll-down map of Philadelphia and Trenton dated 1860. 


Thos. H. Risler - Hardware & Lumber Merchant

Stewart & Hoffman - Dealer in Genl. Merchand.

Geo. M. Frech - Agt. N. Jersey Central R.R.

Arison Yoos - Boot & SHoe Maker

Whitfield Swezy - Carriage Maker

Gideon Leigh - Farmer

Jacob Cline - Manfct. & Deal in Stoves & Tin Ware

**Note: Clinton Station changed it's name to Annandale in 1871